How To Freeze: Things You Can’t Freeze

Wondering, “Can I freeze cheese?” There are a couple of things you shouldn’t freeze according to the University of Illinois Extension service. These are listed below. A couple of things I’ve tried in vain are cream soups and potatoes.

Food Result of Freezing
Cheese in blocks Crumbles
Cooked egg white Crumbles
Cottage cheese Separates; becomes mushy
Cream pies Watery custard; soggy crust
Custards Watery
Eggs Cooked eggs become rubbery; raw yolks and whites become gummy
Gravy Fat separates; whisk when reheating
Green onions, tomatoes Watery, limp; OK for cooking
Lettuce Watery, limp
Mayonnaise, milk, milk sauces, sour cream, yogurt
Some separation
Potatoes, raw Texture changes; may darken
Radishes Poor texture; pithy

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