How To Freeze Large Meats

At one point in my freezer we had 2 hams and 2 turkeys and were not hosting any large holiday gatherings but when meat is $.79# I buy it and use it for everyday meals.

A couple of people have asked why in the world I would do this so I thought a couple of answers were due!

1) How to Store The Meat

I have a deep freezer down in my basement that I love. Although a little costly up front deep freezers are a necessity for those really trying to slash the grocery bill. They mean that instead of just buying week to week you can shop the sales. Your meals are not planned around whatever is going on sale that week but what you got for cheap in past weeks. Currently my freezer is host to some cheese shreds that were $.10/bag, lots of different meat at around $1.50#, vegetables that I flash froze when they were less than $1# and some sweet potatoes that were $.29#. Using those ingredients and fresh items I buy weekly we’re easily able to cook meals for around $4-$5 each night.

2) What are you going to do with the meat?

20# of turkey may seem a lot to you but once you think of feeding it at a couple of meals and possibly then freezing some cooked, it really makes sense. We love to host dinners at our house for our friends and recently was the perfect example. We had 2 nights where I need to make dinner for more people than just our family of 3. If I didn’t have cheap meat stored in our freezer I’d be serving spaghetti for sure! Instead I took a turkey out of the freezer that I bought around Thanksgiving . It cost me $10 for 18#.

3) How To Freeze Meat

Simply keep the meat as it is as it will be vaccum-sealed.  Put it in the freezer and when  you need it thaw it out. Easy!

This is part 7 of a 10 part series called How to Freeze. Coming up next….. Freezer Recipes for Side Dishes.

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