How To Freeze: Always In My Freezer

There is rarely a moment in my house where I can’t make a quick meal out of products in my pantry and in my freezer which helps us avoid spending money on eating out. Whenever one of these items runs low I add it to my grocery shopping list and stock up. I highly recommend you always having some of these on hand too.

1. Shredded cheese.
For use in tacos, casseroles, quesadillas, on a burger instead of cheese singles, in a salad or to liven up a sandwich.

2. Bread
Loaves of bread freeze great so when you see it on sale buy an extra loaf.

3. Meatballs
We like to have meatballs with mashed potatoes but they’re also great with spaghetti or in sub sandwiches. Check out my Meatball Recipe.

4. Mini meatloaf or another similar quick meal.
Make your regular meatloaf recipe and instead of adding it to a bread pan, add it to mini muffin tins and cook. Then pop them out and after they’ve cooled add to a freezer bag and put in the freezer for a quick meal. Just defrost and heat up.

5. Frozen vegetables
Sure I’d prefer fresh ones but when you run to the store twice a week for fresh vegetables it gets expensive so I always have some on hand.

6. Taco ingredients
Tortillas, cooked taco meat, shredded cheese and vegetables like peppers and mushrooms freeze well and make a great taco in a pinch!

7. Frozen pizza
Sad but true! “Splurge” on the fancier ones and even though they’re more than the cheap frozen pizzas they’re still cheaper than eating out.

8. Dessert and appetizers for quick entertaining.
I love to make my dessert cheese ball and freeze it as it makes a huge quantity and is perfect for when friends come over. Same goes for a savory cheese ball.

9. Baked goods like cookies or muffins for friends who have babies.
Most of my cookie recipes make a huge batch and before that goes on my hips I freeze some and take it out when a friend has a baby or needs a pick me up.

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  1. Really good ideas


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