How To Flash Freeze Mushrooms

We love mushrooms but when you do the math they’re expensive! That small container is usually around $1.50 and is just 8oz. That’s over $3 per pound and my budget is closer to $1 a pound for vegetables so we rarely get them. But, my whole family loves mushrooms and so when I see a great deal on them I like to stock up and save. This week ALDI has 8oz containers of either cap or sliced mushrooms for just $.49. I bought 30 containers. Here’s the math:

30 containers x normal price of $1.50 = $45
30 containers x $.49 = $14.70

Isn’t it crazy when you see it like that? That’s why I have a freezer and like to stock up but if you simply freeze them like that they’ll all get stuck together and be unusable which is why I brought them home and am currently FLASH FREEZING them. Flash Freezing is super simple and you can do it with meats, vegetables and fruits.   If you don’t do this before freezing items they will all stick together.

Lay them flat on a cookie sheet and freeze for around 1-2 hours until they’re a little hard.

Once they’re hardened simply scrape them off into a ziploc bag and put it back in the freezer. Now whenever you need them simply take some out of the bag and cook with them.

Note: They’re not great to use fresh after defrosting them so I recommend using them just to cook with.


  1. Thank you so much for the mushroom tip at Aldi’s. I am just 5 blocks away. Use mushrooms in cooking so I am off to get some. I also freeze peppers, slicing and freezing the way you suggested to do mushrooms. Also make up all the pancakes when I have pancake batter (cook
    for myself) and freeze them the same way. Just pop them in the microwave and 20-30 seconds
    you have hot pancakes.

  2. Chris Robertson says:

    I found your article very helpful since I hate to throw away food. Just one quetions I want to know is when and how you clean mushrooms. Do you clean them before flashfreezing or after.
    Thank you.

  3. I tried this flash freezing thing when I Thowed them out they were slimy and gross I had to throw them away

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