How to Drain Fat + Dispose of Grease

Drain Fat and Dispose of Grease

Drain Fat and Dispose of Grease in 2 Minutes

Need to drain fat and dispose of grease? Whenever I’m browning hamburger meat or want to drain fat from a crock pot recipe, I always come up with the same problem and finally I’d had enough! Paper towels were useless,s you should never put grease down the drain and I rarely had an empty can on hand to use. plus they;re too small. When a friend suggested this tip I had to try it and I love it. Here’s an easy way to drain fat and dispose of grease.

1) You’ll need foil and a colander.

2) Cook the meat, bacon, or whatever has the grease and then place a bowl in the sink with a piece of foil over it.

3) Place the colander over the bowl and then pour the meat into the colander.

4) The fat and grease will go into the foil.

5) I then remove the bowl and set it on the counter and “wash the fat” off the meat by insigne with water while still in the colander. The majority of grease should be off so you don’t have to worry about clogging your sink.

6) Let the grease harden overnight and then simply remove the foil and throw in the garbage!

Isn’t that a fun trick?

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  1. Great tip! Thank you! I hate that part of browning hamburger. This will help. 🙂

  2. Had to pin this! What a great tip!

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