How To Ditch Expensive Habits

If you have a tight budget, you’re probably looking to save in every possible way that you can. If you want to start cutting back, the first thing to do is take a look at your lifestyle. Do you have any expensive habits that you can ditch? Habits like drinking coffee, eating out, and paying bills late are all habits that can drain your bank account without you even knowing. Kicking these habits can be hard, but there are some alternatives that can help you leave your expensive habits behind.

Drinking coffee.

As a coffee addict myself, I know the feeling of desperately needing to get your daily fix. If you find yourself tired in the mornings and in need of an energy boost, there are some cheaper and healthier alternatives to coffee. One apple will give you the same amount of energy as one cup of coffee and is a fraction of the price. Fruit is much more natural than coffee, so as long as you ease into this new habit, your body will respond much better and you will start to feel energized in the morning without coffee. If you absolutely need coffee, try brewing your own instead of going to a coffee shop.

Dining out.

Eating out at restaurants can be very costly. It’s easy to make it a habit because it’s much more convenient than cooking at home. To kick this habit, try choosing one night a week to eat out and only go out on that night. For all the other nights, learn to cook your favorite restaurant dishes on your own. Who knows, maybe you will be able to make an even better dish than the restaurant you frequent!

Paying bills late.

You have a ton of things to worry about in your life, and sometimes that little $10 bill on your desk gets lost under all the clutter. Sometimes late fees can be completely outrageous, doubling or tripling the actual bill. Set up your bills to be paid automatically online so you can avoid these costly fees. If you cannot pay the bills electronically, set up some kind of reminder so that you never have to pay another late fee ever again.

Going to the gym.

Gym memberships can be very pricey depending on where you go. If you can, try to drop the gym membership and work out at home instead. If you go to the gym just to run on the treadmill, go outside and run in your neighborhood instead. You can find discounted or pre-owned gym equipment that you can put in your own house to use at your convenience. It will be both cheaper and more enjoyable.

About the Author: Kiley Theiring is a film student at Chapman University who also loves to write. She writes about saving money and living frugally for Coupon Mountain and also maintains her own personal blog.


  1. Good article – I like the advice about eating an apple in the morning. I worry that too much coffee will stain my teeth. thanks!

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