How To Coupon: Coupon Database

Finding coupons and pairing them with a sale can be a tough job which is why I try and help you out!  However, do you find yourself asking “How can I get coupons“?  That is where the Coupon Database comes in handy.

What Is A Coupon Database?

The coupon database is a place to find over 5,000 coupons at any given time. The database can help you find a coupon by using search words for a product, looking up printable coupons, insert coupons, tear pads, blinkies and more. If you can find it on our Where To Get Coupons article you can search for it in the coupon database.

How Do I Use The Coupon Database?

The coupon database will list the newest coupons first and as they expire they will “fall off” the bottom of the database. To search the coupon database simply type a keyword in the search box and hit enter.

You can use more advanced search perimeters to find a coupon that you need as well. If you know that you are looking for a butter printable coupon than there is no use searching through all the butter insert coupons. Head to a more advanced search which will bring up several drop down menus. Now you will be able to narrow your search according to the following terms:

Coupon Terms

  • *Type:  You can set your perimeters to only search for regular (newspaper insert), e-coupons, mail in rebate, printable, store.
  • *Value:  This searches for the value off and whether it’s off of one, two, etc…
  • *Expiration:  Allows you to narrow your search down to an exact date.
  • *Source:  Know for sure the coupons your looking for came out of All You but can’t remember which one?  This section allows you to narrow it down.
  • *Brand:  Will your family only use Tide?  This is the place to let the database know that.
  • *Store:  Limit your search to stores that are in your area.
  • *Category:  Limit your search to snack foods, baby/toddlers, etc. Save’s time when you have an idea of what your are looking for.
  • *Product:  Perhaps the keyword search hasn’t narrowed your search down enough or your word just isn’t bringing anything up.  Use the product search to refine your   results even further.

Notice above that when I searched for butter I came up with 47 coupons available.  Which is two pages and I would like to narrow that down.  One store in my area has a great sale on butter for instance but won’t take printables so I know that I don’t even need to look at them.  I can refine my search to regular (insert) coupons only which will bring the total coupons available to 21 and on one page.

The last column on the coupon database is blogging format.  This is going to lead you directly to the coupon.  It will be your source to know that if it came in an insert which one.  If it is a printable coupon you can click on the link to be taken to the coupon directly.

Each week I match up drugstores and grocery stores with the best sales and the best coupons. That helps you to just go to the store and save. It also means you don’t have to clip a coupon as you can find it right away through that. Simply keep your inserts handy and then find and clip when you need it.

Coupons are really going to help you slash your grocery bill and if you’re wondering how to coupon or how to get coupons, then we’ve got lots of tools to help you learn including:


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