How to Cook a Pumpkin From Scratch

There are moments where I shock even myself with creativity! Either that or desperation comes into play like last week. A friend and I really wanted pumpkin for a recipe and couldn’t find it in the store only to find out they may not get it in until Thanksgiving due to last year’s shortage. Unperturbed, I bought a pumpkin and got all Martha on you! Why yes, I did make it from scratch!

You’re going to want to read this because coming up I have some awesome pumpkin recipes!

The secret is it wasn’t my first time: A few years ago when we were living in Thailand I asked my MIL for a pumpkin pie recipe from scratch. She sent me something that started off, “Take canned pumpkin and…” I replied that we didn’t have it in a can and I meant really from scratch.

So, undeterred, we cooked a pumpkin. Because I know that some of you may also be desperate and can’t wait til Thanksgiving, I wrote THIS : my easy breezy way to cook a pumpkin. I’d love it if you’d read it over there. I know it’s one more click for you, but I’m trying to build my reputation on Yahoo! Thanks! Just for my fall happy friends: How to Cook a Pumpkin from Scratch: HERE.

Ya’ll know how much I love freezing so I froze it until Thanksgiving (or I need a yummy pumpkin dessert)

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