How to Carve a Watermelon Basket with Melons



If you want to learn how to carve a watermelon basket then this post shows you how. It’s easy to carve a watermelon basket and add great seasonal fruits like melons which I purchased from local grocery store Mariano’s.

Melons are seasonal produce and right now is a great time to grab some. When we set off to Mariano’s that night I had no clue how many types there were but in the fresh produce section we found a bunch all displayed on this cool wagon.

I bought a watermelon, honeydew, canary yellow and cantaloupe from #MyMarianos.

How to Carve a Watermelon Basket

1) Identify a handle and score on the top with a knife.

2) Start cutting to the right and left of handle about half way down the watermelon.

3) Cut off a quarter and put to one side.

4) Cut into the main part of the watermelon and make cuts for small pieces. Scoop out with a square ended spatula to maintain the shape of the pieces. Put aside.

5) Keep cutting until the “basket” is empty except for juice. Leave the juice to maintain freshness.

6) Cut up the other melons and some more of the watermelon that you set aside.

7) Add into the basket and serve your watermelon basket as dessert or a side dish. I like to put mine in the fridge for at least 30 minutes before guests arrive to make it cool.

Melon Collage

My Trip to Mariano’s

We went to buy melons but I told Hubby on the way that they had a food court and so we decided on dinner too. What I love is the availability of fresh food at affordable prices with something for everyone. While Tim had the $12 ribs (what a steal) the kids settled on wood grilled pizza and I grabbed a salad and some BBQ chicken. Our total was around $30 and it was fun to all get what we wanted and eat in their atrium.

Then we headed to their fresh produce section and grabbed some melons. I LOVE LOVE how they display fruit all in wooden crates or wagons which makes you feel like you’re at a farmer’s market. I also LOVE how they are so clear on their signs with everything from where the food comes from to how much organic produce is in stock.


Organic Produce


For organic produce and locally grown produce Mariano’s is a great place to go. We saw lots of signs that showed us that the produce was local and where they’d bought it. I’m sure like you I’d rather buy local produce but can’t afford to spend $3/pound doing it. Lots of their locally grown stuff was also the items that were on sale which meant I didn’t have to compromise.



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You’ll also need it for double couponing and savings. Plus it gives you access to their cooking videos and recipes. If you forget it simply type your telephone number in and it finds you based on the number you signed up with.

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Connect with Mariano’s.

Mariano’s stores are popping up all over Chicago and they’re offering lots of great deals. To check their sales and find great new recipes, you should follow them on Facebook where they constantly post new things. If you tweet head to Twitter and follow them there so that you’ll know when they’re doing Twitter parties where you can win prizes! In fact the next Mariano’s Twitter party is August 21st from 12-1 CST (1-2 EST) Finally, for recipes, the sales ad and more find them here: Mariano’s website.

To see the whole experience of shopping at Mariano’s, check out my whole Google+ story on Mariano’s.
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  1. Making a melon basket is such a great way to make summer meals festive!

  2. OMG! These are so cute! Isn’t Mariano’s the best store EVER!?

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