How I Saved Over 80% at the Grocery Store Yesterday

Today was a fun day. It was raining and Isaac and I needed something to do. So, we shopped! Many people ask me if I go to 5 stores a week and I say no. Well, normally no! But if I’m in the mood for a coupon rush or if there’s really good deals somewhere I may make an exception. With the rain starting to fall I thought we’d head out. Here’s the picture of what I scored.

Total $23.08

First Stop: Menards. Those deals are here.
House wash
Chalk reel x 2
Microfiber cloths
Furniture polish (found $1 off coupon on each!) x 2
Oral B toothbrush x 5
Lighter x 2
Total: $44.11 including tax plus a $10 purchase
Will receive $40.50 back after MIR
Final Price: $3.61 (The $10 I spent out of pocket we needed so I’m not counting it!!! LOL!)

Second Stop: Jewel. Those deals are here.
In 3 transactions I got:
9 x Lawry Marinades
Orville R popccorn
2 x Brawny 8-pack
2 x gum (fillers)
#1: $18.50 and received back $10 + $2 catalina
#2: $2.67 and received $2 catalina
#3: $2.67 and received $2 catalina
Should have been: $56.08
Final Price: $7.84
Savings of 86%!!

Third Stop: Meijer. The deals are here.
12 x Lunchables
6 x Breakstone cottage cheese
Boudreux kisses
2 x 5-pk MacnCheese
Deli Meat
Chips Ahoy
Kraft cheese
Should have been: $58.88
Final Price: $11.63
Savings of 80.25%!!

Mama Boone (AKA my mother-in-law) also hit Menards and sent us her pic!

6 shopper bags
4 house wash
2 tire cleaners
12 mini bins
2 furniture polish
2 Welcome mats
2 100′ chalk reel
2 drywall sanding sponge
2 fire starters
6 Oral-B toothbrushes
2 – 8 pack microfiber towels
Final Price: FREE (+ tax and an additonal $10 purchase)
Value of $98.87!

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