How I Got Paid to Get Ice Cream and Pasta Sauce at Jewel and How YOU CAN TOO!!

Cost: $11 (and $10 of that on diapers!!)
UPDATED: Since 8/6/09 the post has moved here.
While you’re out grocery shopping this week don’t forget about the FREE Tyson Skillet Meal here, FREE Healthy Ones Deli Meat here, and FREE money from Tombstone here.

This morning I had a blast, satisfied my shopaholic needs and then paid my babysitter……in pasta sauce and ice cream!!!!!! I also wanna give a shout out to a new reader I met in the parking lot of Staples and gave some pasta sauce to!

Here’s what I got:
10 x Breyer
Huggies Overnights
14 x Bertolli Organic pasta sauce
Starbucks ice cream
2 FREE chocolate bars from this

Some of those things I had coupons for but here’s how you can score some freebies. From August 2 to August 12th when you spend $30 on certain products you’ll get back $15 in catalinas (that’s the little machine next to the cash register that spits out coupons. These will be in 3 x $5 increments) Well, the great thing with Jewel and the reason this works so nicely is that it goes off of shelf prices so you need to spend $30 in shelf prices but then when you use your preferred card, that price will be less and you’ll still get $15 back. These prices as quoted end August 5, after that I’m not sure. Here’s how to score some FREE ice cream and FREE pasta sauce in simple NO COUPONS NEEDED steps (love it!):

Deal 1
7 jars of Bertolli Organic pasta sauce at $4.49 each ($31.43 Shelf price), $14 preferred.
Pay $14
Receive $15 in catalinas. That means you are getting something back that you can spend on anything at Jewel. Do the deal again (they all roll!!) or just get $15 of stuff you need!!!!
Final Price: FREE plus $1 overage!!! Moneymaker!!!

Then, the other great thing is this rolls so you could now buy:

Deal 2
5 x 1.5QT Breyer’s ice cream at $6.49 each $32.45 shelf price), $15 preferred.
Pay $15. You could pay with the catalinas from the above transaction to make your out of pocket $0!!!
Receive $15 in catalinas.
Final Price: FREE!!
Use this coupon if you like for $1/2. I also got back a $1/4 catalina when I bought mine!!!

Deal 3 – Needs coupons!
2 x 1.5QT Breyers ice cream at $6.49 each ($12.98 shelf price), $6 preferred.
4 x Dove deodorant at $4.49 each (17.96 shelf price), $10 preferred
Use 4 x $1 off Dove from RP 6/7/09 or if like me you just have 1 paper, use $1.50/2 and $1/1 from RP 6/7/09
Final Price: If you had 4 x $1 coupons it’d be FREE plus $3 overage! If just the two like me it’d be FREE Plus $1.50 overage!!! Moneymaker!!

Deal 4 – Coupons optional!!
7 x Lipton tea 100 ct at $4.29 each ($30.03 shelf price), $17.50 preferred.
Use coupons from RP 8/2/09 $1/2, $.50/1, $.75/2, $.60/1. If you get more papers, use 7 x $.60/1, if not use those 4.
Pay $17.50 with no coupons, $14.65 with 1 paper, $13.30 with 7 papers
Receive $15 in catalinas.
Final Price: $2.50 without coupons, make $.35 with one paper, make $1.70 with 7!

My Jewel was out of Fannie May ice cream which is free (see here) and I also didn’t grab the Bics pens but if you buy them they’re 2/$1 right now and use this coupon here to get 4 for FREE!

So, as my brain is now fried from all this adding up, has anyone got any other scenarios they’re gonna get? Please note that I know for a fact that the Breyers and Bertolli deals work, I haven’t yet tried the others. Also, if you’re gonna do this a few times please be kind and go to the back of the line. I don’t wanna get a bad rep!!!! LOL!!!

Finally, if you live in the area and would love for all your friends to know how they can get FREE sauce and FREE ice cream please forward on this post on Facebook, Twitter, MOPS groups. Seriously, let’s help each other get FREE FOOD!!!

New to Jewel? Check this out first!
To obtain coupons, you can check out my coupon bar here.
There is also a great service where you can buy coupons for super cheap. Check it out here.

Gathering deals for the Grocery Gathering.


  1. I'm gonna be a PITA here because I'm trying to understand it all! 😉

    Deal Number One is not really FREE because I have to spend $14, right? I do get $15 off my next trip but that doesn't make my pasta sauce free. If I use the $15 off on my ice cream that would make my ice cream free but not my pasta sauce, right? Am I missing something? I'm confused! lol Help me understand, Clair!

  2. Jen, I want you to understand so ask away! It is FREE because strictly speaking although you spend $14 out of pocket, you get $15 back. You could spend that $15 on food you need thus getting $15 of food you need, $14 of Bertolli for only $15. Thus the food is free. Or, do what I did and roll baby roll! Go on Jen, you love organic. Get some FREE food! yes, you spend some money upfront but that $15 you get back is Jewel cash!! Cash!
    Better yet (and because I like to confuse!) run to Walgreens and buy the GUM toothbrushes and some shampoo that will give you back Register Rewards that you can use at Jewel. Spend some at WAGS out of pocket, then buy the Bertolli and use the WAGS catalinas (RRs) then get food, toothbrushes and shampoo free and end up with $15 at Jewel! Confused you Jen?!!!

  3. Ugh! I tried posting and it disappeared.

    Ok, so I'll try again. So even though the ad says that Bertolli is 2/$4 the total for the $30 will actually be off the shelf price so not necessarily the 2/$4? Is that right?

    And today in the mail I got the Jewel paper. It says that when you use your preferred card to purchase $30 worth of these products shown in the shaded boxes below save $15 on your next shopping trip. It also states the offer is good 8/2/09 thru 8/12/09.

    Suave shampoo is included (3/$5), Betty Crocker Warm Delights (and I know there was 50cents off 1 that I printed off, Wishbone salad dressing 3/$5. There is a ton of stuff! But if you are saying it goes off the shelf price and NOT the preferred price, I can roll it next time and stock up?! Now wait! So if I come with my $15 next time and stock up with $15 of more products, will I get ANOTHER $15 off coupon?

    I have only once been able to save more than I spent and I was thrilled. This may be my moment again! Thanks Clair!

  4. Shelly, yes! It goes off the shelf price. The only exception I personally found (correct me if anyone knows otherwise!) is the Cheerios. Shelf price was $4.49 but when I got up there the sale price rang up of $3.29. Jewel has 3 price codes: Shelf, Sale and Preferred. Shelly, this is worth the drive! Trust me! The goal is to get the most price difference which is why Breyers is so great because the shelf price of $6.49 is so different from the $3 preferred that you end up lowering your out of pocket so much it works.
    Does that help?
    Ask away friends, there's a few of us seasoned couponers here to help! Nicole? Lori? Laurie? You spot any more?

  5. Mrs. Cline says:

    oh. my. gosh. my. head.

    Can I really do this with Suave? Because that's a real deal to me. Not that I don't eat, because I do, but I don't have freezer space for ice cream, but have closet space for Suave products!

  6. Nat, it depends on how much Suave is as to whether or not this is a good deal. Anyone know how much Suave is shelf price?

  7. CJ, Lori, and Princess Triniti says:

    Glad to see those Huggies Overnights…I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!!! I enjoyed catching up with you yesterday…I miss seeing you.

  8. wholesomewomanhood says:

    Do you know if all of these deals also apply at Albertsons? Including the deal being based on shelf price?

  9. Careful — it's not "shelf" price but "sale" price — that middle price which is what people would pay without preferred card. When you scan something at the price scanner in stores, you'll see shelf, sale, and preferred price — sale is the one you want to pay attention to to get up to the $30.00. That's why the Cheerios threw you off, because the shelf price can differ from sale price.

    Also to the person who asked about the Suave, Osco side items generally go off the preferred price and not that sale price, so aren't as good a deal :).

    And yes, this is the awesomest deal — I've rolled it several times now! 🙂

  10. Anonymous says:

    Went to jewel made the first transaction with the pasta sauce. No catalina printed out, i asked the manager and she said it doesnt go off the shelf price it goes off the sale price so u have to spend 30 worth of stuff. What jewel did u go to?

  11. Anonymous says:

    I am so upset i dont know y it didnt work for me. The lady said it doesnt go off the shelf price. So now i need to return the pasta sauce.

  12. Rachel and Anonymous, This is what confuses me at Jewel because the Breyers and Bertolli work off shelf prices. Do the others not? Unfortunately as this is according to the ad an unadvertised deal, then if the cat doesn't print it's hard to say anything. I feel bad if that's you. Sorry. I just know what worked for sure for me. Like I said the other two I hadn't tried.

  13. Clair – sometimes the shelf and sale price are the same and sometimes they are not, so it's really confusing. It works off the sale prices on Jewel items (all food and just to make things confusing some things that aren't). They will tell you it doesn't, and this is not how it's advertised, so you really don't have much recourse if they don't print on sale prices — I always try to tell people it's do at your own risk if you do it this way! 🙂 The breyers sale price is over $6.00 so it works when you buy 5, but the honey nut cheerios sale price is something like 3.29 (as opposed to the normal 4-something shelf), so you have to buy 10 of them. Sale price is basically what it would cost if you walked in and paid for it w/o a preferred card today.

  14. noahs mom says:

    I went to the Jewels on the east side (106th in chicago) and bought 5 breyers, paid $15 and got $15 off my next trip. I am going to go to the jewels on ridge rd in munster and hopefully get some sauce. Maybe it would help if we dtate which jewels work or don't work so we can help each other out.

  15. Anonymous says:

    That is why you need to SCAN your items prior to check out. The dove shampoo is a great deal. Also Skippy peanut butter buy 12 with equal amounts skippy natural……you will get $15 CATS plus $1 per each Skippy natural. ALso the Knorr noodles *make sure they are the veggie variety….get 12 this is a high dollar cat return on these scnerios I've already done them twice.

  16. DESJ and Company says:

    it is possible that when they made the purchase, the catalina printer was not working.
    The light on the printer must be SOLID green. Not flashing green or red.
    That's probably what happened.

  17. Girly Do's says:

    I am new to this whole coupon thing and this is very helpful. Thank you. I can't believe how much a person can save if they just take the time to investigate it!!! Just jumped by from Blogfrog to say hello.

  18. Rachel, It's a weird one this time as I still think it goes off shelf this time (another forum agreed!) but I had a reader who did exactly the same as me and didn't get it. One store had a sign saying they're not app printing cats. nice!! Argh! Worth a try for free food.
    Thanks Des for the comment, I bet you're right!

  19. oh my gosh, i am so excited about this! I am so excited that I found your blog, as I have been looking for one that does Jewel deals. I bought 7 jars of pasta sauce this morning, for 14.00, and I got 15.00 worth to spend on my next trip! Im going back to get the ice cream. Thanks so much for helping me and my family save money.

  20. Anonymous says:

    sure post it all over the place, spoon feed everyone and then those who work to find/discover the deals can't find any on the shelves..

  21. I would love to hear an update from "noah's mom" about whether the pasta sauce deal worked at the Jewel on ridge rd in Munster. I'm planning on going there after work tonight.


  22. Yes, by all means, post this *everywhere* so that all the shelves will be cleared. Also we should make sure that Jewel and Unilever will have a motivation to fix this Catalina loophole that allows it to run off shelf. Thanks alot!

  23. This is the first time I've published a mean comment. That's because a) They're usually anonymous and b) I take them personally.
    You see I do this to help others save money. Those coming to my site PAY ME Nothing but I do it to try aND help people. Those people include single Mums, seniors and people like me, on one income. I do it because I enjoy it (usually) and I want to help. The economy is rough and people need a hand. So for the comment about me publishing it all over, yes I stand accused! There is FREE food to be had and I want to help others get it. I can't be accused of hoarding it – I did it only 4 times and split that with a) a friend and b) gave some to someone in need.
    The reason I don't enjoy posting things like this is how crazy it can get and it's meant that today I'm high strung and shouldn't be because of all the confusion and now a mean comment.
    I mean, seriously, you wanna deprive others of getting free stuff?

  24. PS I hope you published your comments at the other coupons sites too who also have this deal up.

  25. Mrs. Cline says:

    It's really funny that someone would criticize anyone for helping others. Don't take it personally, Clair. Maybe they just can't figure out the deal and are upset that they spent too much on pasta sauce??

    I appreciate the work you put into this site and it helps me!


  26. To those who criticized Clair for posting, give me a break. You're not entitled to be the only one who knows about good deals at the store.
    As for alerting Catalina to fix the "loophole," this information has been talked about online for at least a year — in forums like Hot Coupon World and on many blogs. Surely they are aware of how the deal works and that some folks out there are getting better deals than others. They are a marketing company, they analyze sales data.
    Most people who are very familiar with these deals believe that Catalina and Jewel calculate them the way they do because they need to because they run across multiple stores with multiple sale prices, not because of some oversight.
    Believe me, it's not a secret and if you want to keep it a secret then you're just being selfish in my opinion.

  27. Clair, I want to thank you for this post!!!!!!!!! This deal is gonna help me out soooo much! What a blessing to me as a stay-at-home mom!!! I especially LOVE how you really spelled it all out so I knew just what to do!!!!! Thanks, as always, for all of your hard work to help others out! I'm sure it can get overwhelming, especially with a little one!!! So I want you to know how much I appreciate it!!

  28. Hey Anonymous, now is not the time to be so greedy.

    "Shhh…don't tell anyone food is on sale – so when I get there, I can buy it ALL!"

    Come on already.

    Thanks for all you do Clair!

  29. Sheila G says:

    I just did the Pasta sauce deal at Munster IN Jewel Foods. They brought me a case out of the back and there were just 6 left in stock after I got my 7. I paid 14.00 OOP for this, then rolled the 15.00 into the Ice Cream. I used two of the printable coupons, so I added in a box of pop tarts at 1.50, and a bag of M&M's and paid .22 OOP. I was told that I could NOT roll again. The cashier told me to use the self serve cash out for my Lipton tea deal. I used the 15.00 from the ice cream and paid 2.50 OOP for the tea. IT DID NOT print out a Catalina for the tea. The customer service manager said that the cards only let you roll twice in a day. I was a bit confused, but still I got all that in product for only $16.72. Has anyone else lost out using the Catalina more than twice a day?? Thank you Clair, for all you do to help us save a few dollars and feed our family for less. God Bless!

  30. Anonymous says:

    Tried the lipton tea transaction and it didnt work i didnt check the shelf price but i think it was 3.29 so make sure u check the shelf price.

  31. Mommycia says:

    Seriously…dont get mad about people posting the deals…after all, that is how you are finding them, someone else posting them. be thankful for the free things you can get, but dont be so greedy. Is it really gonna affect you a year from now if there was no more pasta sauce? Maybe someone else that gets pointed the way of the deal needs it more.

  32. Anonymous says:

    To Dearest "Oranges" and all to those who post mean spirited anonymous comments –
    1. You subscription to Mummydeals is free. If you don't like something that is posted, you are free to unsubscribe anytime. Some enjoy and use the information to further their limited budgets. Clair is one of the few in the blog business with impeccable standards and morals.
    2. Jewel and other store are there to serve the public…unless you have your own personal grocery store just for you, keep your mouth shut. Jewel and Unilever aren't going to be hurt by Mummydeal fans roll coupons and getting cheap pasta sauce. These are multi-billion companies who know full well when a coupon will print. Its all part of their marketing plan. Jewel makes money on each and every coupon customers use. They want you to shop in their stores. Just think of all the times customers buy stuff for full price at Jewel. Nobody pitches a fit when someone actually pays $6+ for a carton of ice cream. Now that's robbery…
    3. If you are so self-centered that you are upset that the shelves at Jewel are empty, this probably isn't the blog for you. For those of you who are mothers, aren't we suppose to help each other, lift each other up? We have the hardest, thankless job in the world. If I can tell someone about cheap/free goods, the more the better. Maybe you should complain to the Jewel manager for not adequately stocking the shelves?
    I for one think Clair is doing a great service and I appreciate her efforts. Clair, I am truly sorry for the ignorance and utter lack of class you must confront on a daily basis.

    April VanderMeyden

  33. I went to Jewel today…out of Bertolli, so I got Ragu instead, but it didn't go off the shelf price. =( Bummer!
    Thanks for the deal info though.I'll keep checking!

  34. Hi Clair.

    I got some pasta sauce and Ice cream today and I wanted to say thanks. You and I both know what it's like to try to make it on just one income, and thanks to you and what you do for all of us, we don't have to eat some cheap yucky generic pasta sauce–we get the good stuff! I saw that some people are leaving some negative comments and I just want to let you know that I appreciate what you do. Food on shelves is always on a first come first serve basis, so just like the old saying: the early bird gets the worm!

    Thanks again, Clair, and keep up the good work!


    p.s. The lady at Jewel told me that they are limiting the number of offers printed per week, tied to your preferred card account. You are only allowed 3 per week, so that's why some people's 4th or 5th transaction may not work.

  35. Man people are mean! I think of this site and others as helpers, I am a person on layoff with not nearly as much of the money coming in as we used to have. We were dependent only on my salary. I use this and other sites to make sure my family gets fed healthy food at a cost effective rate if not for this site and others, we would have starved or gone into bankruptcy by now. I think the person who sent such mean comments should go suck on an apple. Boo.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Clair these comments are plain mean and hypocritical. The same people complaining here are jealous someone else beside THEM are cleaning out the shelves. Let them take their toys home and go pound sand!

  37. Where did you find the ORGANIC Bertolli pasta sauce? I looked in the organic aisle and the regular pasta sauce aisle and I could only find the regular kind.

    (and a quick tip for anyone looking to hit the $30 mark – have them ring up your cart BEFORE you give them your preferred card. Depending on your city's tax, your total price should be around $32 before the preferred card. Then, once you give them your PC and coupons, it will make it less but the $15 coupons should still print).

  38. Lori O, I have not heard about anyone getting limited yet…….I wonder if this is something that they will start in the future? I did hear that the Catalina machines go down sometime between 11pm and 3am everyday so there may be a chance you don't get catalinas if you are a night owl shopper. Yes, it's a bummer when you get to the store and the shelf is cleared, but that can happen with any sale or deal, not just the catalina deals.

  39. Anonymous says:

    To Oranges and Anonymous,

    It is a shame that you would be so critical of someone who's doing her best to help others save money. What Jewel does is not a secret, and I've known for years that I could always get great deals at Jewel – long before Mummy Deals began posting them. All you have to do is read their ads to find them.

    That having been said, I, am a stay-at-home mom, and I have a child with special needs. His medical bills are over $400 a month, and I need to cut expenses where I can.

    Seriously, you must have something better to do with your time than to criticize Clair!

    Clair, thanks for all your hard work in helping all of us save money.


  40. The pasta sauce did NOT work at the Jewel in Crown Point. They told me I had to spend $30 and I only spent $14 and change. I didn't have time to argue and I really wasn't sure what I was arguing anyway so I let it go.

  41. OK, I went back over my purchase and it was not organic pasta sauce. I didn't see any at my Jewel but after the kiddies are asleep I just might head over to try again. I will learn this!

  42. Carrie at Rhubarb Sky says:

    This deal did NOT work at my Albertsons. I spoke at length with the manager and he said that at my Albertsons (in Port Angeles, Washington), you have to be over $30 AFTER you scan your member card. This is completely different than most of the reports I've seen on the blogs, but he stated that it's always worked that way at my store. Bummer. So, make sure you understand how your store works before you try.
    (BTW, he was super helpful and sympathetic. . he clarified that the total can be $30 BEFORE coupons, but not including the card savings).
    If there's some detail I'm missing, I'd love to know. Thanks.

  43. Anonymous says:

    Shelf, sale & preferred price confusion

    Problem solved! Go to the self check out lane and scan your preferred card at the END of the transaction. Then the $30 minimum purchase will be met with the shelf price (the highest one) and you will get your catalinas

  44. I went to the Jewel on Ridge Rd. in Munster and bought the spaghetti sauce like you had told us to and no catalina printed at the register so I went to customer service and the person working told me it was not $30 off the original price. So I ended returning it and went away so disappointed. It didn't work for me.

  45. Clair,
    You are a wonderful person to share these deals that you find with everyone. I work PT and hubby got laid off 2 months ago. I can now feed my family of 4 on $50 per week. To the people who are critical of you…why are they reading a blog about saving money to begin with if they are not looking for just the sort of things that you post?? Don't let them get you down. There are many more of us out here who really appreciate it. And, I don't think that anyone is clearing the shelfs. I personally bought 12 Skippy and 7 Bertoli today. There were plenty left on the shelf,and I found out that they were getting a truck tomorrow. You better beleive that I will be going back for the Fanny Mae Ice Cream and the All laundry soap before the end of the sale. (See, Clair, I told you that All coupon would come in handy soon 😉 – no I don't have any inside connection, but I was hopeful!!) For those of you looking for all coupons, you can find them at in addition to the 8/2 RP

  46. Anonymous says:

    I want to say to the haters out there keep on hating. This is not the only website in the entire world letting everyone know about the great deals at jewel. There are so many other websites. All these major corporations know what they are doing. Not to long ago a super walmart opened right across the street from our local jewel, and ever since then jewel has taken a hit. With this promotion going on jewel has many customers shopping once again in their stores, so i am guessing that this was a way to get some business. So stop posting negative remarks. Go be negative some where else.

  47. I am so pumped!! I just did the "Deal #1" and then turned around and did "Deal #2". Just finished my Klondike bar, I might add. This was wonderful! My friend does Savings Angel in Michigan and keeps trying to get me going on this saving stuff. Since I am not working as much, my job for right now is figuring out how to save my family money. The pasta sauce sale was wonderful. The clerks I worked with at Jewel were amazing. Should I be worried…I'm on Mummy Deals almost more than Facebook….LOL Thanks Clair!!

  48. @@ I screwed up my first order yesterday, when I didn't find the *organic* sauce, just an empty shelf. DS and I picked out other flavors, and I figured I only had to buy one more jar … checked out, no coupons.
    Had to get home for dinner.
    Looked over receipt – sauce scanned at $1.00 cheaper than shelf price – there was a 2fer price!!
    I went back to the store, and the lady said I needed to buy $12 more and she'd give me the coupons. She did. It wasn't an awesome deal, but a good deal on some flavors I'd not normally buy.
    Today, I bought ice-cream 3 times at 2 stores.
    I shared with my in-laws. We're having an ice-cream party at work on Friday.
    I told coworkers about the deal.
    I appreciate what you do.
    DH and I are both on restricted hours at work. It's not looking good …
    We can have treats this week!
    Thank you!
    … and I bought a bunch of 77cents/pound grapes too, so there is some healthy in there! 🙂

  49. Anonymous says:

    Okay, my head is spinning after reading all of the above comments, but I felt it was necessary to comment.
    I want to personally thank Clair for her hard work keeping up with this blog. Without her guidance for Meijer, Stracks, CVS and WAGS, I would not be able to shop for the FREE or next to FREE personal care/ hygiene and non perishable food items that I use for my own family and also donate regularly to my local food pantry.
    In this economy, we are all trying to find ways to save money. Blogs like this are helping me save tons of money to feed my own family, but also help me continue to support our local food pantry even though my husband is working less hours.
    People, it's called "paying it forward". Clair's hard work helps my family, but also allows me to do what I also know is right- helping others in need who aren't so fortunate.
    Yes, its frustrating when you take the time to drag all of your kids in the car, or run errands on your day off or after work only to find your local (and sometimes not so local!) WAGS or CVS is already out of the items you wanted. Time wasted, maybe?? But when you do find those items- Woo-Hoo! Thank you, Clair!!
    I find this website the easiest to navigate with the most info. As a frugal, working mom and wife, I do not have time to read multiple websites for deals.
    All that being said, today is my day off and I am off to Jewel to see what all the fuss is about.
    Thanks Clair!

  50. Deodorant is ringing up at $2.50 since it's considered an Osco item and a lot of those Osco items ringing up actual sale price. The Tea bags didn't end up working out either since they ring up $3.29 and not the shelf price.

  51. First of all, THANK YOU for alerting others to such a great deal. We are all hurting financially and need to stick together.

    The pasta deal DOES work and I will be donating it to a charity! The reason it doesn't work sometimes is there are two different "styles" and they are different prices. To get the deal you need to buy 7 ORGANIC Bertolli sauce. They are on sale at $4.45. The NON-organic rings up at $2.95 and that is why the catalina doesn't print out at the register. Be sure you are grabbing the ORGANIC Bertolli or an increased quantity of the NON-organic.

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