How I Got Paid to Get Ice Cream and Pasta Sauce at Jewel and How YOU CAN TOO!!

Cost: $11 (and $10 of that on diapers!!)
UPDATED: Since 8/6/09 the post has moved here.
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This morning I had a blast, satisfied my shopaholic needs and then paid my babysitter……in pasta sauce and ice cream!!!!!! I also wanna give a shout out to a new reader I met in the parking lot of Staples and gave some pasta sauce to!

Here’s what I got:
10 x Breyer
Huggies Overnights
14 x Bertolli Organic pasta sauce
Starbucks ice cream
2 FREE chocolate bars from this

Some of those things I had coupons for but here’s how you can score some freebies. From August 2 to August 12th when you spend $30 on certain products you’ll get back $15 in catalinas (that’s the little machine next to the cash register that spits out coupons. These will be in 3 x $5 increments) Well, the great thing with Jewel and the reason this works so nicely is that it goes off of shelf prices so you need to spend $30 in shelf prices but then when you use your preferred card, that price will be less and you’ll still get $15 back. These prices as quoted end August 5, after that I’m not sure. Here’s how to score some FREE ice cream and FREE pasta sauce in simple NO COUPONS NEEDED steps (love it!):

Deal 1
7 jars of Bertolli Organic pasta sauce at $4.49 each ($31.43 Shelf price), $14 preferred.
Pay $14
Receive $15 in catalinas. That means you are getting something back that you can spend on anything at Jewel. Do the deal again (they all roll!!) or just get $15 of stuff you need!!!!
Final Price: FREE plus $1 overage!!! Moneymaker!!!

Then, the other great thing is this rolls so you could now buy:

Deal 2
5 x 1.5QT Breyer’s ice cream at $6.49 each $32.45 shelf price), $15 preferred.
Pay $15. You could pay with the catalinas from the above transaction to make your out of pocket $0!!!
Receive $15 in catalinas.
Final Price: FREE!!
Use this coupon if you like for $1/2. I also got back a $1/4 catalina when I bought mine!!!

Deal 3 – Needs coupons!
2 x 1.5QT Breyers ice cream at $6.49 each ($12.98 shelf price), $6 preferred.
4 x Dove deodorant at $4.49 each (17.96 shelf price), $10 preferred
Use 4 x $1 off Dove from RP 6/7/09 or if like me you just have 1 paper, use $1.50/2 and $1/1 from RP 6/7/09
Final Price: If you had 4 x $1 coupons it’d be FREE plus $3 overage! If just the two like me it’d be FREE Plus $1.50 overage!!! Moneymaker!!

Deal 4 – Coupons optional!!
7 x Lipton tea 100 ct at $4.29 each ($30.03 shelf price), $17.50 preferred.
Use coupons from RP 8/2/09 $1/2, $.50/1, $.75/2, $.60/1. If you get more papers, use 7 x $.60/1, if not use those 4.
Pay $17.50 with no coupons, $14.65 with 1 paper, $13.30 with 7 papers
Receive $15 in catalinas.
Final Price: $2.50 without coupons, make $.35 with one paper, make $1.70 with 7!

My Jewel was out of Fannie May ice cream which is free (see here) and I also didn’t grab the Bics pens but if you buy them they’re 2/$1 right now and use this coupon here to get 4 for FREE!

So, as my brain is now fried from all this adding up, has anyone got any other scenarios they’re gonna get? Please note that I know for a fact that the Breyers and Bertolli deals work, I haven’t yet tried the others. Also, if you’re gonna do this a few times please be kind and go to the back of the line. I don’t wanna get a bad rep!!!! LOL!!!

Finally, if you live in the area and would love for all your friends to know how they can get FREE sauce and FREE ice cream please forward on this post on Facebook, Twitter, MOPS groups. Seriously, let’s help each other get FREE FOOD!!!

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