How I Got Diapers For $2.50 a Pack

You may have noticed that diapers are expensive but for the past few weeks I got diapers for $2.50 a pack! I thought it was time to share the knowledge 😉  If you’re on Pinterest please show me some pin love 🙂

If you have a Smartphone get it out and ready to download these goodies. Two of them have refer-a-friend programs so please use my link then make sure you grab a link and tell all your buddies!!


Aldi diapers are awesome. I’ve tried all the name brand and a ton of generic brands and for $4.99 for a regular jumbo pack they come out to 17 cents for Size 4. Well, a few weeks ago I downloaded Endorse. It is an application that lets you endorse the products and companies you love, then purchase those products and turn around and submit your proof of purchases for CASH! Download Endorse today.

So it started asking me if I was buying diapers that week or certain other items and when I responded ,”yes” it started sending me a deal a week to get 50% back on my purchase. 50%! So I buy Aldi diapers for $4.99 and scan the receipt in and upload to Endorse and voila….money back and I just got diapers for $2.50/pack.

2 More Money Making Apps


Ibotta is a free mobile app that gives consumers a new way to earn money when they shop. Ibotta pays users cash rewards for learning about their favorite products on their phone or tablet before they go shopping. Hook it up to PayPal and cash out quick.


Shopkick is a FREE Android and iPhone app that I have been using for about 2 months now. Shopkick gives you access to exclusive deals to stores like Best Buy, Target, Macy’s & Toys ‘R Us. Sign up then when you head in certain stores like my fave Target you earn “Kicks” or points for going in. Those points = gift cards!

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