How I Earned a Brand New Stroller – For FREE!

Last week was very exciting for me because after a few months of saving, I was able to earn enough Amazon money to earn myself a new stroller for the new baby. Sure it took a few months but how exciting is that for me not to have to purchase it?! It got delivered last week and I did the happy dance and decided I needed to help show other people how to do it.

Research “make money” online and you’re sure to get hit with a bunch of fraudulent companies which is why I do the research and make it easy on you. One such place I discovered about a year ago is an online search engine called Swagbucks .

If you search the internet with them instead of the other search engines, you can collect points that add up. I surf quite bit and received a $10 gift card for Starbucks after about a month. Ok, so it’s not a fortune but I’m not doing anything different!!! Plus now instead of just getting gift cards they’ll give you cold hard cash into your PayPal account!

1. Firstly, you’re going to need an account. To get one, go HERE and when you follow the link it will automatically add 30 Swagbucks to your account.
2. Now when you search the internet search through Swagbucks and you’ll start to earn points for searching. The more you search online (I search a lot!) the more likely you are to get Swagbucks .
3. Make sure you search lots on Fridays – it’s Mega Swagbucks Day – this may net you tons of Swagbucks as apposed to the usual 10.
4. Some people download the toolbar and then you can check out the deals on there too to help you save.

Swagbucks is the form of currency you make when searching and is easily translated into prizes or gift cards for places such as Target, Southwest Airlines, Amazon and Lowe’s. Once you reach enough points to earn a prize, simply follow the directions and get the item within a few weeks.

Searching online with Swagbucks instead of another search engine to earn myself a FREE stroller? Yup that’s pretty frugal even for me!

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