How I Created My Entire 2012 Photo Book for $32

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I love memories and photos but I am by no means a scrap-booking kind of girl! Just this weekend I was talking to a friend about photos and she told me,

“I’m trying to scrap them all and haven’t yet finished my 2 year old’s!”

Yikes! 1 year to complete a scrapbook? Not this gal, I don’t have the patience but I do love photos of my kids.

Down in our basement we have 2 bookshelves with photo albums on them. Some date back to when I was as young as 9 and taking school trips in England. Although we don’t go through them a lot we do look at them and I always say they’d be the only thing I’d grab in a fire/flood and I want my kids to have that which is why I’ve kept up to this practice.

This year though I took a different route. My good friend, Lynda, makes a whole photo book for each year and keeps it on the coffee table. It’s skinny and yet chockful of pictures and memories. Of course I was curious how much she paid as I know these things can be outrageous. “Just $24.99 + shipping” she replied. Wait a second?? All my 2012 pictures in one place for that cheap?? This I had to try.

  1. I headed to the Winkflash website and downloaded all my pictures (all 400 of them!)
  2. Then I started the arranging and rearranging.

Mummy Deals

3. I’m not going to lie: it was a little painstaking. It did take quite a while (as in I did it over a couple of weeks)
4. But then I waited for a coupon. I signed up with their email and when it said 100 page photo book for just $24.95 I jumped on it and ordered one.

Yes it took time but oh the bliss of opening that envelope and seeing an entire year’s worth of photos for just $32 in a book was sooooooo worth it.

I highly recommend you try it! Head to Winkflash today and get a 100 page photo book for just $24.95 plus shipping

Mummy Deals

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