How I bought cheese with my Huggies deal!

So Sunday was my big shopping day because I didn’t wanna miss the Huggies deal. I ran out for them and did the deal twice. I got 2 x $10 catalinas for WAGS that expire in a couple of weeks. In the past this wouldn’t be a good thing. But not Sunday. Sunday I took those catalinas to Jewel and spent them on the cheese deal! How in the world, you ask, did you do that???!!! Well, I’d heard in the past that catalinas are like coupons and as Jewel accepts competitors coupons they accept these. This was confirmed last week by my friend, Jaycie at Coupon Geek who wrote all about how she did it here.

You may think (like me) that you don’t want to do the deal 10 times because although you need diapers you don’t need $100 to spend at WAGS within 3 weeks. This is true but here’s what I decided:

1) Do the deal only 5 times and get $50 in catalinas which is my weekly shopping bill. No, I’m not going to spend all my money at Jewel in one shot but I can buy things over time over there and seeing as they accept expired coupons, I’m pretty sure they accept these expired. Maybe somebody can enlighten me on that. Even if they don’t accept expired catalinas, $50 at Jewel is easier for me to spend than $50 at WAGS.

2) Some of the catalinas I’ll use for the FAR stuff at WAGS. The Memory Formula 45 softgels are $19.99 but free after rebate. That’s 2 catalinas down right there and although it’s more money on my Walgreens card, it doesn’t expire in 3 weeks like RRs.

3) Make sure I use my gift card to buy the diapers that has last month’s FAR money loaded on it so I’m not spending anymore out of pocket.

Now we really are getting beyond the Coupon 101 stuff and into the Coupon Class for Experts. If you’re a Newbie and have no idea how I worked this out or what in the world I’m talking about, I’m sorry. For those of you out there who are experts (Tina, Lori, Cindy, Laurie!) and others…..hope that helps!

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