How and Why to Buy Coupons on eBay

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If you think that in order to do the deals I do I obtain 10 copies of the newspaper every Sunday, I can bust that myth for you right now! The best way I’ve found to obtain coupons inexpensively (and without the hassle of all that recycling) is to get 2 subscriptions: 1 to the local newspaper for local sales flyers and one to a major metropolitan newspaper.

Quite often though amazing sales crop up and I need more coupons. That’s where eBay comes in. eBay is a great source to use when buying coupons and here’s why:

5 Reasons I Buy Coupons on eBay

  1. When you know exactly what you want there’s no hassling and you can grab them quickly and easily.
  2. It’s cheaper (and oh so much more convenient) than buy 10 subscriptions to the newspaper.
  3. Someone else does the clipping for you. Can we get a big woot for that one?
  4. It’s easy because by the click of a button you can go from Mummy Deals where I tell you what coupons you need, right to eBay HERE to order and within a couple of days hey presto! The coupons arrive.
  5. With my sneak peeks of Walgreens, CVS and other stores, you can be prepared, order the coupons you need from eBay and still hit the sales.

How to Buy Coupons on eBay

*** First of all, I want to point out that coupons usually say “not for sale.” This always worried me but I’ve seen on eBay that people state that you’re not paying for the coupon but the person to clip it so I’m now under the belief (compounded by the integral folks over at Hot Coupon World) that it’s legit.

***I also wanna point out that I’ve heard people getting ripped off during these sales so please be careful!

  1. Every week on Thursdays when I try and do most of the coupon matching for the grocery stores or on Fridays for Walgreens and CVS sneak peeks, take a look at the hot items. Some of them I’ll even warn you to buy coupons for. This is especially true if I see a free item.
  2. Head over to eBay here or from the link I offer in the grocery deal.
  3. Look around for a couple of things:
  • Price is vital. I usually pay around $2 for 15 coupons dependant on how “hot” the coupon is. Make sure shipping is included or cheap.
  • Once you’ve worked out the cheapest check out the seller. I’ll only buy from ones with good reputations who I know aren’t selling me fake or fraudulant coupons.
  • Check out where the seller is. If I need coupons quickly and the seller is in California, I’ll try and find someone closer like Illinois to ensure quick delivery.

4. To avoid being outbid and adding more time and inconvenience I recommend doing the
“Buy it Now” option if available.

Depending on what the coupons are for you can buy 20 coupons for $.99 cents with free shipping! Compare that to actually buying 20 papers, it’s hands down a better deal!

Another tip: Whenever I post a good deal on Mummy Deals see if there any way to make a sale better. I can’t possibly highlight every coupon deal for every store and that always varies by person so simply head to eBay HERE and search for the coupons you need.

eBay really is my favorite way to buy coupons online.

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