HOT HOT HOT Jewel Deals thru 6/24

It’s not my turn to do Jewel deals, hoorah! Nope, this week they’re from my friend, Jaycie, at Coupon Geek.

First though, there’s an AMAZING deal going on Dannon/ConAgra products that will be super useful in using up those Breyers catalinas. Yesterday I teased it by saying free oil. Well, my math was off (not surprising!!) but the oil is super super cheap and is worth stocking up on as you never see oil cheap!! Anyhoo, the deal:

It’s on ConAgra and Dannon products 6/15-6/24.
Spend $25 get $10 on your next order
The best thing about it as normal with Jewel is that it’s off shelf prices which are even lower with your preferred card! The bottom line is the amount on the shelf has to add up to $25 with those products but then the amount you pay will be on the preferred card price, minus $10 making for some amazing deals!

Below are my 3 newbie scenarios none of which require newspaper coupons!!! The rest of the Jewel deals are here at Coupon Geek. Thanks, Jaycie!

5 Wesson Oil at $27.50 shelf price
Sale Price is $2.50 each so $12.50 out of pocket
Receive $10 catalina
Final Price: $2.50/5

14 Hunts Puddings at $26.60 shelf price
Sale Price is $1 so $14 out of pocket
Receive $10 catalina
Final Price: $4/$14

3 Wesson Oil at $16.50
3 Dannon Yogurt at $10.05
Total is $26.55 shelf price, $12 sale price
Use $1 off 1 here
Receive $10 catalina
Final Price: $1

Unadvertised Deals

I spotted the Physician’s Formula MIRs, the Sure MIR, and the Pert MIR at Jewel.

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Gathering deals for the Grocery Gathering.

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