Hot Deals at Old Navy – The Clearance is Clearanced!

Old Navy is having some aMAZing deals right now. All their clearance is 50% off the reduced price. My friend Holly got a TON of stuff yesterday for $29 including a shirt for $0.50 (nine items total including a spring jacket for $10!!!!!!) In the 2/7/10 paper, there was a coupon for $5 off/$25  purchase so that made the savings even greater! Anyway, I hope this is at all Old Navy’s and you can spread the word to RUN out for some awesome bargains! Thanks Holly!


  1. I'm not sure which ON she went to, but at Highland, it's not 50% off the clearance… the signs everywhere say the clearance is up to 50% off.

  2. Greg London says:

    I haven't been to Old Navy in forever. Great store though.

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