Hot Deals at Dominick’s/Safeway Deals 4/1 – 4/7/09

This week there’s a couple of stonkin great deals at Safeway stores that I believe are good at Dominick’s stores too. If you can confirm they work at Dominick’s please leave a comment. Here’s the scoop:

* There’s a catalina going on from SC Johnson: Buy 2 items, get $1.50, Buy 3 items, get $3.00
Buy 4 or more, get $5.00.
Pledge Multi Surface spray is $3.99
Buy 4 x $3.99 = 15.96
Use 2 from here to take off $4 and 2 from here to take off $4. You could also use the one from 2/22 SS
Pay: $7.96 + tax
Receive: $5 catalina from SC Johnson & Son and 4 x $1 catalinas from Pledge
Final Price: Free plus overage!

* Buy any 5 participating items get $5 instant off your order.
Participating items – Tostitos Tortilla Chip, Tostitos Salsa or Con Queso, Ruffles, Aquafina or Aquafina Splash 6 pack, Pespsi 24oz 6 Pack
All are $2.99 each except the gatorade ($4.99) and the pepsi natural ($3.99).
Buy 5 x $2.99 = $14.98 – $5 = $9.98
Final Price: $9.98/5. You’ll also receive a free MLB tshirt!!! Tshirt is limit 1 per household and rebate 1 per transaction.


  1. Eliana's mom says:

    Where is there a Safeway in this area?

  2. DESJ and Company says:

    I’ve done the pledge twice at doms.
    Will most probably do it a third time!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I think the $1.99 price already has the $5 taken off of it, so your total will be $9.95 unless you can find coupons from somewhere (for the Tostitos, etc. deal.)

  4. Sorry, Eli’s mom, there isnt one except Dominicks! Thanks to anonymous, I just update my math!

  5. Can you use the $9.00 in catalinas to pay for the pepsi deal?

  6. Nicole – Yuppers! In fact those PLedge deals will probably roll. I’ve found that cats at places like this will roll (unlike WAGS) Des may be able to answer that better as she did it a bunch!

  7. Joel and Amy Haldeman says:

    I usually don’t have issues printing coupons, but for some reason can’t print them from the Pledge site…I’m using internet explorer, any idea of what I’m doing wrong? I can print coupons from, but can’t find the Pledge coupons on there…what is wrong with me? I really want free pledge cleaner!!!

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