HOT DEAL at Meijer

Great deal at Meijer right now: Buy 2 Crystal Light On the Go’s – Get a Free 24 Pack of Water.

There are Meijer Mealbox Coupons for $1 off any Crystal Light Purchase that you can stack with the $2 off 2 or the $1 off 1 manufacturer’s coupons that were available now and last month.

It gets even better that when you buy 4 Crystal Light – You get a $2 on your next order Catalina that prints.

And even better yet again – if you bring in those coupons for free Crystal Light Skin Essentials when you buy (1 or 2) Crystal Light Products (there are two different coupons out there).

**Just as an FYI – The Crystal Light Skin Essentials triggers the free water; however, it does not produce the $2 Catalina.

The Deal
Buy 4 Crystal Lights On the Go
Buy 2 Crystal Light Skin Essentials
Buy 3 – 24 Packs of Water
– Use 4 $1 Mealbox Coupons
– Use either 2 $2/2 Crystal Light coupons or 4 $1/1 Crystal Light coupons
– Use 2 – Buy Crystal Light – Get a Skin Essentials Free

Final Price: $3.96 PLUS $2 CAT on your next order So total out of pocket is $1.96
for 6 Boxes Crystal Lights AND 62 bottles of Water. (I have continued to roll this again and again!)

Thanks, Carli for this headsup! The rest of the weekly Meijer deals are here.

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