*HOT* Deal: 100 Holiday Postcards and 140 Address Labels Shipped For $10.08


My buddies at VistaPrint are it it again offering something FREE! This time it’s for a FREE holiday items HERE. Would anyone like to cross off cards and labels from their list right now? Me too!

I blogged the deal last week but lots of my readers are commenting on how easy it was and how excited they were to get it all sorted so I thought I’d remind you that not only do they have fab cards and labels but lots of other photo ideas for suuuuuuuuuuuper cheap!

** 100 holiday postcards shipped for $7.01. Even if you add envelopes you’re still only at around $10 to get 100 shipped to you. WOOOT?

** 140 address labels for just $3.07 shipped. Last year my readers loved these especially the caricature ones. Plus, you don’t have to use them just for that. Get creative as they’re sooooo cheap and think gift labels “Love from Tim, Clair and Isaac” or label makers: “Isaac’s Cup”

Go HERE to check out all the FREE items but here are the deals:

  • 10 Free Folded Holiday Cards – (Shipping starts at $6.02)
  • 140 Free Holiday Return Address Labels – (Shipping starts at $3.07)
  • 1 Free Photo Wall Calendar – (Shipping starts at $5.67)
  • 1 Free Photo Flip Book – (Shipping starts at $6.01)
  • 10 Free Photo Cards – (Shipping starts at $4.62)
  • 1 Free Tote Bag – (Shipping starts at $5.67)
  • 1 Free Sticky Note Pad – (Shipping starts at $4.56)
  • 100 Free Holiday Postcards – (Shipping starts at $4.62)
  • 1 Free Holiday Mug – (Shipping starts at $5.80)
  • 250 Free Business Cards – (Shipping starts at $5.67)

Remember, you’ve got to go through THIS link to get the freebies. A reader nearly paid for some things last week because she didn’t head through the link!

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