Homemade Valentine’s Day Crafts: Playdough


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Last year for Valentine’s Day my 4 year old got a little tub of playdough and as I thought it was a cute frugal idea I decided to make my own Homemade Valentine’s Day Craft Playdough. It’s an easy recipe that doesn’t take much time and I figured what better way to give it than as a playdough heart? Homemade Valentine’s Day Crafts are great ways to involve your children as well as saving money on trinket Valentine’s.

However I would caution you to add a note that tells people what it is before you become “that Mum!” Alrighty onto the homemade playdough recipe, which by the way may keep coming up around here as I liked it….a lot! Why not print up these FREE Valentine’s Day gift tags I made you you especially to go with this recipe?

Valentine’s Day Playdough Ingredients

  1. 1 c. flour
  2. 1 c. water
  3. 1/2 c. salt
  4. 1 tsp vegetable oil
  5. 1 tsp cream of tartar
  6. Red food coloring
  7. Heart cookie cutter
  8. Wax paper


1) Add water and the other ingredients into a medium saucepan, except the food coloring.
2) Heat on medium, stirring throughtout the process.
NOTE: As it hardens I really had to stir hard – maybe I’m just a wimp!


3) Once it forms into dough, pull it off the heat.



4) Place it on a piece of waxed paper and let it cool for a few minutes.

5) Add coloring and start kneading it. You may want to wear gloves or end up with red hands. As you can see mine are pink. It would have taken A LOT of food coloring to get them red and we all know how expensive that stuff is! The alternative is to use Kool Aid.


5) Roll it out on the wax paper and cut heart shapes out with a cookie cutter. I cut big thick ones out so they’d have a decent amount of playdough.


6) Place in a bag with a note,
“I’m glad we’re “play”mates!”
As I mentioned I also added a note on the back that said, “Homemade Playdough.”

7) This was a great project to do with my kids and made about 10 good sized-hearts. Most classes have around 20 kids I suspect so if you’re making this for a Valentine’s Day Craft Treat, I’d double the recipe.

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  2. Hi Clair, this is a neat idea! 🙂 Will hair dye work as an alternative to food coloring? We have a lot of hair dye left from Halloween.

  3. Fun idea! I’d love it if you’d join our Mom’s Library Link up!

  4. What a wonderful idea for classmates!

  5. Cool idea! I have always wondered how to make play dough, but was never sure!
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    Stacey at Embracing Change


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