Homemade Skateboard Bookshelf

Homemade Skateboard Bookshelf

On a recent trip to my Uncle’s house in Canada I spotted my cousin’s old Skateboard Bookshelf and although the picture isn’t awesome I thought it was a GREAT idea for teenagers into skating.

This homemade skateboard bookshelf is a great homemade gift for teens. Make the skateboard bookshelf and save lots of money on room decor.  I like projects that are super simple and all you need for this is a skateboard and some hinges.  Although you wouldn’t be able to put it up and hide it from your teen I think it’d still make a great Christmas gift.  Simply wrap up a skateboard and some hinges and you’re good to go!

Homemade Skateboard Bookshelf

Homemade Lego Table

Here’s another fun project for you – a homemade lego table. How to make a lego table is an answer to a question we had before Christmas when all the legos were everywhere. Our Lego Table plans are simple and are about repurposing and reusing what we had!

How to Make a Lego Table

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