Homemade Graduation Ornament

Homemade Graduation Ornament

Isaac graduated preschool this year and what better way to commemorate than a Homemade Graduation ornament. Even if you’re not super crafty you are going to LOVEEEEEEEE this project as it takes only a few minutes!

I love having homemade ornaments around like the Baby’s First Ornament idea


Or how about some Handprint Ornaments? My in laws are loving theirs that the kids gave them.

Handprint Snowman Ornament Craft

Homemade Graduation Ornament Materials

Ok so for our Graduation Ornament you’re going to need a clear plastic ornament which in an awesome stroke of luck are 70% off at Michael’s right now!  Grab one of those and the tassel from the graduation cap.

The other thing you’ll need is optional but grab something to write with like a silver permanent marker or something that will show up on the ornament.


All you do to make the ornament is tuck the tassel into it.

Then poke a hole through the silver piece on the top with a hammer and nail and pull the tassel through.

Carefully push the metal back into the ornament.

Write the child’s name on it. You don’t need to write the year as the tassel says that!  (That may seem silly to say but ya’ll know I nearly did it so I thought I’d give you a heads up!)

And there you have it, you made a graduation ornament that’s wayyyyyyyyyyyyy more personal and wayyyyyyyyy cheaper than any you’d buy at a store!  Sadly it didn’t photograph very easily for me but hopefully you can see it!  Isaac loves it and it’s a great way to share what he did this year!

Homemade Graduation Ornament

Homemade Graduation Ornament

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