Homemade Cleaners: The Essentials

When it comes to homemade cleaners our house has a few essential ingredients always lying around that I use and love.

Microfiber cloths.

  • I use these on the bottom of my Swiffer instead of more expensive refills. I dislike the price of refills but loved the Swiffer. One day my MIL came home with some microfiber cloths and announced that she’d read somewhere that you could use a cloth on the bottom of your Swiffer and it worked just as good. I tried it and sure enough, it works. In fact, it works really well. I cut them in half as I find it fits better and away we go.
  • They can also be used for cleaning mirrors with just a little water and a quick sweep over the mirror.
  • They’re fantastic for cleaning dust from furniture.


  • I’ve washed my hair with it but I’ve also cleaned my floor with it (not the same batch!) and find that it’s awesome for many things.
  • It’s the best thing I’ve found to remove old wallpaper. When we moved into our house we had way too much wallpaper to get rid of. We tried the traditional removers, scrubbed hard with tools and then turned to spray bottles of vinegar in desperation. Learn from my mistake and start with vinegar first!

Baking Soda.

  • There are a zillion uses for baking soda from washing your hair with it to gargling with it to using it to clean the fridge. If your house doesn’t have this in it, you need to buy some. It’s incredibly green and fantastically cheap.

Join me this week and next as I share 6 homemade cleaners on the site.

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