Home Depot Question – HELP needed!

My friend, Lori, went to our local Home Depot this week and was told they’d had a rush on the FREE classes. Not to be vain or anything but we were wondering if it was because people found out from MD. The manager was super excited and is wondering why they got so much traffic so I need your help ASAP! If you went to Home Depot this weekend for the FREE Kid’s Classes because of my blog please leave a quick comment. It can just be a simple AY! I wanna let them know!


  1. Yep! We went and brought our 2 kids (5 & 7 y/o) and they each made their raceway kit. They had a blast! I've know about Home Depot's Kid's Workshops for a long time, but always forgot about it and never brought the kids. They had such a ball and love their new orange aprons, we're definitely going next month! They've been pretending to work at Home Depot ever since we got home Saturday!
    We were done with the projects in about an hour. It was really busy around 9, but by 10:30 wasn't so bad. I'd come a little later next time. Thanks for reminding us about this great freebie! 🙂

  2. When I told my Tim about it he asked his grandpa if he would take him. They had a blast!!! I too always knew it was there, but your reminder sort of “pushed” us a bit!!!

  3. I also found out about it from your blog and went on Saturday with my two kids (ages 5 &4). Both had a blast! I spoke to the man at the service desk to thank him for the wonderful FREE treat. He said they already had 125 people by the time I left (which was around 10:15). He said they'd NEVER had this many before. I told him that I found out from your website and that I was sure a lot of other did as well. He seemed really excited and had no clue that they'd received such positive publicity. YEA! Hope they keep it up!

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