‘Hillbilly Recipes’: 5 Cup Fruit Salad

Photo Courtesy of Kraft Foods.

A reader sent me a series of what she called ‘Hillbilly Recipes’ that have been in her family for years. As she’s been enjoying my English recipes she wanted us to enjoy some of hers. Here’s the second one, thanks Bettie! 5 CUP FRUIT SALAD

The recipe is supposed to be 1 cup each of five things, hence the name of the recipe… miniature marshmallows, pineapple chunks, mandarin oranges, coconut, and sour cream. However, I use the entire bag of miniature marshmallows, the entire drained cans of pineapple and mandarin oranges (small can), dump some of coconut in, and add about 1/2 of a 24 oz. container of sour cream. Stir it all up and refrigerate. Better if it has time to sit about an hour, but great freshly made, too!

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