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Hi there! Glad you found me!

Originally from England, when I arrived in America I was amazed at all the money saving my mother-in- law did and over the years I’ve become a semi-expert. A few months ago I bought diapers at Walgreens for 20 cents a pack and shocked my friends. It was then that I decided to help others save money by blogging about my finds in Chicagoland. My aim is to help you save money but not consume tons of time doing it. We won’t clip 25 cent coupons (unless really worth it!) but we will learn all about how to save big so we can bless others and have more money for fun stuff (READ: shoes!!)

Each week I cover the best deals and bargains I find on the internet as well as ways to save money, ideas on how to make a little and fun things that I think you may enjoy. I match coupons for these stores:

Did you know that you can get FREE things at CVS and Walgreens? For the past 7 years I haven’t paid for toiletries! No lie. Plus, for all the guys out there Menards does free things too and my Hubby loves the free tools we keep getting.

If you’re looking for free samples of things you already use or coupons for free food, check out the category bar in the right and look under Granny’s Deals which is where I round up all the FREE stuff I find. I mean it, FREE stuff from makeup to milk and everything in between.

So again, welcome! If you’d like to win the goodie basket that you saw in the parade, please enter your email in the box below. Once you do that you’ll start receiving an email each day from me with all the best freebies around and great deals on things like Kraft Cheese. yup right now you can get 5 bags for $1.95 at Jewel. bets thing about it, I won’t spam, I promise! I just wanna help you save!

Let me show you how to cut your grocery bill and get things you already use for free! Have a GREAT 4th of July!

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