Hidden Deals at CVS

So, sneaky sneaks they did it again and tried to hide something but I caught it!!!
Buy 3 x American Greetings cards at $.99 each, et $3 back in ECBS. Limit 1. Good thru this 2/14
Gotta love free greetings cards!

Also, this month they’ve got a deal on CVS cotton balls where you get $2 in ECBs when you buy 2 pakcs. Well, buy the “cotton rounds” Makeup Remover Pads 25 ct. (upc 0 50428 08619 3 or 0 50428 07664 4) & 10 ct (UPC 0 50428 09771 7 ) at $.99 each and get $2 back! Limit 5.


  1. In the CVS circular it says that you get the $3 ECB’s if you buy three American Greeting cards purchased at $2.49 or higher. I would take this to mean you could not buy three $.99 cards and get this deal. Am I wrong?

  2. I tried the card deal personally and can verify it works!!

  3. Hi Clair,
    I just wanted to let you know that I went to CVS this weekend with 2 prescription bottles and a $25"transfer your prescriptions" coupon from Walgreens. Much to my surprise, the pharmacist told me that if I came up with another coupon, I could get $50. In other words- one coupon per transferred prescription. WOW! Talk about a deal! Thanks again for the money- saving & money-making tips! I love your blog!

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