Help Me Win – Pretty Pulease!!!

You’ve got to check out the JuiceBoxJungle widget on my sidebar and click if you’ve ever feathered your hair (who hasn’t?!?!). I remember in my teens totally getting into this look and then another friend at school copied and I was so mad! Guess I should’ve taken it as a compliment huh?!!

Anyone, now is the perfect time to honor Farrah Fawcett and help us tally up the true magnitude of her hair-legacy, and it only takes (literally) a second.

Click to register your voice and to find out how many of your Facebook friends have ALSO feathered in the past! If you wouldn’t mind taking a second to click below (if you’re on email please visit my site and click on the JuiceBoxJungle widget on the right hand bar or try clicking below) If I can get a bunch of clicks I’ll win $100!!!

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