Headsup: First 50 people at 8am Tomorrow to Get FREE Yoplait!

Starting tomorrow morning at 8am I’ll be giving away 50 (yup 50!) coupons for a FREE 4-pack of YoPlus yogurt. Once the 50 coupons are gone, I’ll have a downloadable $1-off YoPlus yogurt coupon. My post will go live at 8am CST and then my first 50 readers will be able to sign-up to receive a free four-pack of YoPlus yogurt. Once the 50 four-packs have been claimed, a $1-off coupon will be available.

Yoplait has provided me with this opportunity, information and coupons.


  1. nemeth55 says:

    I love Yoplait yougart!

  2. extraemail07@gmail.com says:

    is there were we get the free yogart?

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