Happy Yorkshire Day Yorkshire Puddings Recipe

Today is Yorkshire Day! Woot woot! For those of you with no idea what I’m talking about, Yorkshire is the county I was born in and it’s quite an amazing place. Check out the pics!
Well known for ammmmmmmmazing Indian curries. In fact the town I was born in used to boast more curry restaurants per square mile than anywhere outside of Bombay. The Kashmir is one of the oldest and best and it’s where one of my Husband-to-be took his first challenges.  When it was clear that an American wanted to marry his English daughter my Dad set up a few challenges: 1) Eat an Indian curry (Hubs is a fussy eater and we doubted he’d do it.  They’re now one of his fave foods such is his love for me!) 2) Teach me to hit 100 yards on the fairway straight (don’t. even. ask.) 3) Pay him money (he tried but Hubs didn’t have much!)

Miles and miles of gorgeous rolling hills called the Yorkshire Dales.

Yummy English tea in the form of Yorkshire Tea.  Mum keeps me well stocked in this.

And one of my very fave Yorkshire things: My little bro Danny! Man, I miss him! Thank goodness for Facebook which keeps us close. Not only does he have a job, a side business but he also helps out the Mummy Deals Facebook page.

Finally, the recipe! Yorkshire Puddings should be consumed today (and every other day from now on once ya taste em!) Yummy little dough balls with a perfect size hole for gravy and meat I even bring them to Thanskgiving. Yuppers, these are tasty and easy to make. Plus they freeze well so get your chef hat on and have a fantastic Yorkshire Day!


1. Turn the oven on to 425 F
2. Melt oil in a shallow tin or a few small cupcake tins. Place in oven till the oil starts to bubble a little and/or if you pour the batter in there it sizzles. This is the trick – to make sure the oil is really hot before adding batter.
3. Mix all the ingredients together and pour all the batter into the tins you have chosen
4. Bake for about 20 – 30 minutes depending on size of puddings
5. The puddings will have a small hollow in the top into which you pour a filling of onion gravy. These can be served alone or with roast beef/lamb. They can also be frozen until later then just re-heated in the oven on low. I like to do this – the burning oil sometimes makes your kitchen smell!

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