Happy Easter Dear Readers!

I stand amazed in the presence of Jesus the Nazerene
And wonder how He could love me, a sinner condemned unclean
Oh how marvelous, oh how wonderful, And my song shall ever be
Oh how marvelous, Oh how wonderful, Is my Saviour’s love for me!

As I sit here this morning my thoughts are all over the place. Friday night Tim and I attended a church service where they focus your mind and heart on the cross and remind you of the death Jesus suffered. We go not through duty but because we want to remember. We want to remember the pain Jesus suffered as He died for us. The Bible teaches me that someone had to pay the price. That our sin was too great that someone had to stand in the gap, to make a way for us to get to the Father.
Jesus stepped in. He’d never so much as lied or cheated and yet he stepped in and agreed to a horrific death. As I gazed at the cross on Good Friday and heard someone read the scriptures about that horrible death, tears ran down my cheeks. Oh what amazing love! What a sacrifice.

But today’s not about that. Today isn’t somber and tarnished, today is a day to get giddy about. Today is possibly my favourite day of the year. Today is the day I remember that my redeemer lives! It’s the day I set aside to cement my faith. The day when all questions cease, when my heart that cries out to the “whys” and “what ifs” is stilled. The day that I sing “He is risen!”

The most exciting thing is that He didn’t stay on the cross. The stone to the entrance was rolled away and He was alive. I mean, seriously, how cool what that be to see? I have to admit though that if we around during those days I’m sure we’d struggle with it, our infinite minds would have a hard time wrapping our heads around that one. But, there was no doubting it then and there’s no doubting it today: He is risen and He comes with a gift. It’s the same gift He offered the criminal on the cross next to him: Luke 22:44 “Today you will join me in paradise.”

He offers us the gift of eternal life. The gift to be with Him forever. The gift to have a relationship with Him here now and know that peace and joy that only He can bring.

Now I know this is normally a deals blog but I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you about the greatest deal I know of. I wouldn’t be real to you and true to myself if I didn’t sing from the rooftops about my Jesus. It would be wrong of me not to show you how excited I am about the fact that I was a sinner but Christ died for me. And you. That through a relationship with Him I have eternal life. I believe in heaven and hell and as a young girl I decided that hell was not a place I’d want to go. As an adult it’s not a place I’d want to wish on my worst enemies.

So today, I stand here amazed in the presence of a King. A King who loves me enough to send his only son to die.

He is risen!

For more information, or just out of curiosity, I highly recommend Lee Stobel’s book: Case for Christ.

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