Handprint T-Shirt Handmade For Dad or Grandad

Homemade For Dad

So you want to make something handmade for Dad or Grandad? Then you may enjoy what we made my Father in Law for Father’s Day today.

Materials Needed

  • Tshirt or apron. After doing it on the tshirt I realized how super cute it would have made for an apron. Plus if you’re doing a grill theme for Father’s Day you could include the Handprint Grill Mitts or one of my 5 Best Grilling Books.
  • Fabric paint. We used white.
  • Foam brushes
  • Paper plate
  • Paper towels for cleanup

Homemade For Dad
Isaac showing me where his hand on his heart is!

Homemade For Dad


  1. Spread the tshirt out on newspaper to avoid a mess. {We just did it outside.}
  2. Take your child’s hand and brush some fabric paint on using the foam brush. Don’t overdo it but spread it thick.
  3. Press their hand down over the heart.
  4. Take your other kids and do the same.
  5. With the fabric paint marker write, “Dad is wrapped around these little fingers!

Homemade For Dad

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