It’s in the heart of my friends who’d been trying unsuccessfully for years to get pregnant and one day got a call to come and pick up a baby from the hospital to adopt……
It’s in the heart of my girlfriend who delivered a baby 7 1/2 weeks early at 2.5 LBs…..

It’s such a small word and yet one so powerful. It’s a word that without it it’s not worth getting out of bed in the morning. Without it life is miserable. Without that tangible sense of something is going to break, things have to get better, life is filled with despair and maybe that’s where you’re at right now.

Each year as we put up our Christmas tree we hang one ornament right in the middle so that every time I look at the tree I’ll remember what it’s all about. It’s a simple silver star with the word HOPE on it. You see in the midst of all this busyness and craziness, it’s really all about that 4 four letter word. May I take a moment and share a couple of real life stories with you??

You know what it feels like at that time each month?! Now imagine that instead of it being only for a few days, it lasted 12 years. T-w-e-l-v-e. Can you only imagine the crabbiness and fits she threw? The Bible says that the woman had been bleeding for 12 years and yet in an instant she was healed when she touched Jesus’ coat. All she did was touch him and yet all that bleeding ceased and she was well again. Why did she get healed? It says, “Jesus said, “Daughter, your faith has healed you.” HOPE. She just knew that if she could touch Jesus, just touch him, not even ask him, that she would be well again. It even says that she had spent all she had trying to get well and yet nothing worked until that day.

This story doesn’t actually start like that because the main reason that she saw Jesus was that He was on his way to a powerful ruler’s house whose daughter was dying. The connecting factor in the story is that this little girl was only 12. The ruler came to Jesus and asked him to come and heal her sick body. This man was hoping for a miracle. He was hoping that he wouldn’t have to comfort his wife as their little girl passed away. He was hoping against all hope that something could be done. Jesus showed up at the house and dismissed all the mockers and neesayers. He simply spoke to the little girl and told her to get up and sure enough she did! She was completely healed.

HOPE. It’s in the air this time of year but it’s especially hard this year. The economy is not good, there’s lots of people out of jobs and perhaps you’re one of them. But today there is hope. Not in things, possessions, money or anything else but Jesus. He’s the only one that can bring hope into our lives, to assure us that everything is going to be ok. For me when I feel in deep despair I know that if I can just “touch his coat” as it were, just catch a glimpse of His heart towards me then everything is gonna be ok.

The woman had been bleeding for 12 years, the little girl was only 12 and yet in one instant they both met Jesus in a really powerful way. In one instant they were both transformed and had stories to tell about how Jesus came and gave hope. What’s your story today? How has Jesus brought hope to your life? If you don’t know the hope I’m talking about, it’s really easy to meet Jesus today. Go here for more info and then lemme know!

Merry Christmas Dear Readers, may this one be a joy filled one and next year be an amazing adventure!

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