Gum Teacher Appreciation Gift Idea

Gym Teacher Appreciation Gift Idea

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Teacher Appreciation Gifts are a great way to appreciate your teachers and this gyn teacher appreciation gift idea is not only fun but inexpensive! As Teacher Appreciation Week is May 5-9 I thought I’d share a fun new idea for you all.

Of course, gift cards are nice but they are more expensive and it’s hard to remember the individual who gave it to you ten years later unlike these special homemade teacher gifts.

I love giving teacher gifts but throughout blogging some of these I’ve been told by a couple of teachers that some just end up in a box. They’re grateful for the thought but simply can’t use another mug. One teacher said,

“I honestly enjoy when kids make me home made paintings. I’ve had a few on canvas done… little ones that cost $5.99 and really liked it. Painted with a child’s favorite memory from class or a portrait of me and the student. And I’m speaking for many teachers….as much as gift cards don’t have sentimental value, they are truly favorites. I like getting mugs, notepads, etc but you soon run out of places to put them. I love the creative edible gifts that are so cute and thoughtful while enjoyable and you don’t have to pack it away in a box in a closet or basement.”

Gum Teacher Appreciation Gift Idea

Gym Teacher Appreciation Gift Idea Materials

Simply gather your materials and stack the gum on top of each other. Then add the tag and gift!

Gym Teacher Appreciation Gift Idea

Teacher Appreciation Gifts

teacher appreciation gift

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