Groupon Expired? Don’t Sweat It!

You bought a Groupon fully intending to use it and then it snowed….and the holidays arrived…and then the whole family got flu. Well the reason I love Groupon (besides the obvious reasons I love them) is that the credit you purchase never expires. If you pay $10 for a $20 voucher you won’t get the full $20 after the voucher expires but you can always receive the $10 at that business. Pretty cool huh and more reasons to love Groupon.

How about more companies that offer great promises like that?

1) coupons now never expire meaning that you can grab a great deal (their certificates get as low as $2) and know that you can still use it in a few months. S-weet!

2) CVS rainchecks are great and apply even to free items meaning that next time the shelves are cleared on a deal grab a raincheck and it won’t expire. I wrote My Ode To CVS Rainchecks for you to check out.

3) Walgreens Register Rewards do expire so if you’ve got some that are going to make sure you spend them there or at a local grocery store that takes them like Meijer, Kroger or Jewel.

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