Grilled Bacon Wrapped Corn

bacon and Corn

I walked into the grocery store the other day and staring at me from a magazine was a photo of Grilled Bacon Wrapped Corn. I didn’t even bother to look in the magazine but just knew I wanted to try it out!

This weekend with my in-laws over we tried it out and it was yummy. Because the bacon is salty and greasy you don’t need to salt or butter the corn.

Although it takes a little longer to prepare it is worth the effort to have something a little different and although I thought you could make it ahead and serve it colder my Mother in Law disagreed as she likes it warm. As we had some left the next day the kids and I had some for breakfast as they asked me! Score one for vegetables at breakfast!

Grilled Bacon Wrapped Corn

Grilled Bacon Wrapped Corn


  • Ears of corn
  • Rashers of bacon - 2 per corn ear
  • Foil


  1. Preheat your gas grill to medium.
  2. Shuck the corn and place in water for 20 minutes.
  3. Wrap 2 pieces of bacon around each piece of corn and wrap in foil. Curl the ends up.
  4. Cook on the medium heat for about 7-10 minutes each side. I kept peeking in the foil after 7 minutes to check if the side was done.
  5. Then turn down to low and cook for a further 30 minutes on low to cook the bacon.

Grilled Bacon Wrapped Corn

Grilled Bacon Wrapped Corn

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  1. This is so good! A new favorite. thanks!

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