Grill Mitt Homemade For Dad

Handmade For Dad

Looking for something homemade for Dad that your kids can make for Father’s Day? Then these grill mitts are perfect! This Father’s Day I mailed my Dad one and ordered one of the grill books from my list of 5 of The Best Grill Books. Ta-da, a grilling Father’s Day gift for Grandad!

Grill Mitt Materials

  • Plain grill mitts
  • White fabric paint

How to make mitts homemade for Dad

  1. Simply put some fabric paint on a paper plate and dip each kid’s hand in it.
  2. Press their hands onto the mitts.
  3. Pull their hands off and wipe well!
  4. Use the fabric paint to write either, “Grill hand” or “Grill Hands”
  5. Give to Dad!

Handmade For Dad

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