Griffith Indiana Pumpkins 900 Pounds+


Every year we look forward to the Griffith Indiana Pumpkins. It’s an amazing pumpkin display in Griffith Indiana at a local resident’s house. John Barenie of 917 East Miller grows his own pumpkins in a plot a few doors down and then spends hours decorating them. For the last week of October each year it’s FREE to go view the pumpkins and is one of our favorite excursions.

Past themes include Monopoly, Charlie Brown and Snoopy and Cinderella.

The man behind the Griffith Indiana Pumpkins is the man that won the Indiana’s Biggest Pumpkin Award one year and set a new state record with a pumpkin over 1300 LB! In our house we know him as the man that each year intricately carves out huge pumpkins that he grows in a nearby patch of land, transports a few houses down and after carving them adds lights each year to create a memorizing display.

This year the theme is several Disney movies. It’s open now and lasts until the pumpkins go bad (about a week). This is well worth a drive for anyone within a half hour or so of Griffith so make sure you get there soon!

We’ve been going for the past few years to see the huge pumpkins some of which are well over 1000LBs


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