Great Prescription Coupon

Need a prescription filling this week? Did you see the coupon in the SUnday newspaper for up to $100 off 4 prescriptions?  My friend, Lori, did:
I was bummed last week when we had two prescriptions to fill, and I forgot my $10 coupon from K-mart. This week: two more prescriptions (sick hubby) and so before running to pick them up, I checked Sunday’s paper and found the K-mart “up to $100 gift card for four prescriptions” coupon. Well, I marched that thing right down to CVS with my receipt from last week, and after reading the fine print and seeing that you get the amount you paid for the prescription back on a gift card, I got handed a CVS gift card for $67.97!!! Hip, Hip hooray!

Thanks, Lori!  Remember: CVS matches RX coupons.


  1. Wait..really? I'll have to check my coupons again because hubby just filled his prescript – so, just bring in the receipt and they'll give you the money back on a card?

  2. Anonymous says:

    i was so thrilled about this … unfortunately it appears to be invalid in NJ if you are under 60 or something like that … threw out already but read the fine print …

  3. says:

    What part of the paper was that Kmart prescription coupon in?

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