Great Kmart Hauls

It’s amazing how far a frugal Mummy can make a great coupon go! My mother in law has been getting some GREAT hauls at Kmart with the $10/$20 that is valid for Chicago.

Kid’s clearance items $1.99 each. All this: $12

Some of their toys are clearanced and then you get a further 50% off. Couple that with the coupon…………
The camera deal was a $50 camera on clearance for $37, and then they had 1/2 off on clearance so it came to $18.50. I added in 2 Cadbury eggs totalling $21.38 – $10 coupon brought my total down to $12.43. So the camera came out to about $10.

Kid’s clearance items $1.99 each. All this: $12.99

What about you? How did you do? I didn’t make Doubles Week because I was lazy to go for only 5 coupons a time but, did you guys score big? Have fun? leave a comment and let us know!


  1. I did soooooo well at K-mart! It was honestly the best I've ever done on deals! I don't think I will ever find diapers this cheap again!

    28 Jumbo Packs of Huggies/Pampers, 12 tubs of Huggies Wipes, 9 Deodorants (Right Guard & Dove), 12 Wet Ones tubes and tons and tons of cleaning supplies, bodysoap, laundry detergent etc.

    Total I paid for the whole week! $75.30

    Retail Price: $428.66 !!!!

    Thanks for letting me brag! 🙂

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