Great Grilling Recipes: Yummy Packets

I was around 15 when I first came to America with my family on a trip to Disney but it wasn’t until I came back when I was 19 on my own that I fell in love with the country. While traveling for 2 months with YWAM up the West Coast of America I saw America with Americans and wanted to live here! One of my fondest memories is of camping in California. More of a city girl than a camping girl I remember freezing at night; shaving with a bottle of water, bar of soap and razor; and Boy Scout Potatoes. Frugal (of course we were traveling with a missions organization!), fun (you’re supposed to cook them over a fire) and yummy, I now make these at home a lot but just a little differently. Around here during grilling season we grill everything and veggies are no different which is why I started doing these yummy packets.

What you need:

Salt and pepper or other seasonings
Vegetables. Always potatoes, We love doing carrots but I’ve also done parsnips
Oil and cooking spray


  1. Simply spray the foil with cooking spray and then add your chopped up veggies.
  2. Pour a little oil over the top and add seasonings.
  3. Close the packet at each end and place on a medium heat grill.

4. Cook for around 20 minutes. Just keep watching and “tossing” the packet if necessary.


For Boy Scout Potatoes add ground meat.
Seasonings: We LOVE Lawry’s, garlic seasoning or whole garlic cloves, and Greek potatoes using lemon and oregano.
Veggies: Cabbage leaves at the bottom of the packet can prevent burning. Add onions, tomatoes or other veggies.

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