Great Grilling Recipes: Lemon Herb Chicken

Do you need a quick and easy recipe for tonight that’s cheap and easy but looks gourmet and will impress guests? Then I’ve got your back! Go to YouTube if you can’t view the above link to check out Lemon Herb Chicken for under $4!

Whole chicken (these are always available around $.99#. I bought mine for $.58#!)
Garlic cloves
Stick of butter
Dried herbs


  1. […] Oven stuffer roast chicken $.99#. Use it to make Chicken on the Grill. […]

  2. […] Well, I do love an easy recipe and this is one of those that you add to the crock pot and leave. Plus the lemon and butter make it really tasty. In fact it’s my fave way to Cook a Chicken on a Grill! […]

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