Great FREE Shopping App For Holiday Shopping

With the holidays just around the corner most of us are looking for ways to stretch our budget or places to get more bang for your buck. One company that is on a mission to help you earn money WHILE you shop is Ibotta and if you have a Smartphone, get it out and ready and then head to the Ibotta app here. Not only is this for sure one of my top 100 apps but it’s now in my Top 10 Apps for 2012.

It’s a FREE Grocery Store App.

Ibotta is a free mobile app that gives consumers a new way to earn money when they shop. Ibotta pays users cash rewards for learning about their favorite products on their phone or tablet before they go shopping. It’s a simple enough app but this holiday season 2012, it’s going to quickly become the hottest app around.

How to Use Ibotta.

  1. Firstly you need to download the Ibotta app.
  2. Before you head out shopping choose the products you want to buy.  The more products you select the more money you will earn.
  3. Then head to one of the participating retailers: Walgreens, Target or Walmart. Although right now there’s only 3 they are adding more.
  4. Once you’ve checked out you just need to take a photo of your receipt. Once Ibotta has verified it they will send you money. That’s cash. Cold hard cash to your Paypal account.

What are Ibotta Offers?

Another way to earn is through the offers on the Ibotta app. When you’ve redeemed an offer Ibotta sends you a new one and the more you tell them about what you like the more customized your offers are and the more you can earn.


Another great way to earn is through completing something to do with an item you’re looking at. For example on the Simply Orange example you can:

  • Watch a video
  • Get a recipe
  • Take a poll

Each earns you 25 cents.

Once you’ve earned money you have the choice of getting cash directly into your Paypal account or donating to a school. They make it super simple to donate and you can either type in a zip code to find schools or it automatically finds ones nearby for you to donate to.

Although it’s not been around long, Ibotta is awesome. Happy 1st Birthday Ibotta!

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