Great Deal on Tag Books and cheap Crest at Target

Target has the books for the Tag Book on sale for $9.99 this week and if you use the $5 off coupon from PG 4/5/09 (expires 6/15/09) you can get them for $4.99!!!

They are located in the toy aisle and come with a pen. You buy the books and download them to the pen and the kids point at the words and they read the book with them. Then at the end of the book they have quizes for the older kids. Thanks, Sherri!

Also, while you’re there some Targets have been spotted with the two pack of Crest Pro Health Enamel on clearance for $3.81. Use the mail in rebate form found at some other local stores (including CVS and Meijer) to get it for super cheap. Thanks, Alice!

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