Great coffee has loyalty program!! Who knew??!!

A while ago I posted about Eight O’Clock coffee and by using their Eight O’Clock Coffee Accumul8 Rewards Program you could earn points which earned you money. Well, considering it’s the only coffee my hubby drinks, it didn’t take us long. In fact in 3 months we made another $25 in a gift card sent to us a couple of weeks ago!!!

When we had 2 wages coming in hubby would go through a bag of Starbucks a week. However, after getting back from Thailand and realizing that we couldn’t do that anymore, we went on a hunt for good cheaper coffee. Some good friends of ours are coffee connoisseurs and introduced us to Eight O’Clock and we’re hooked! They’ve got a bunch of different flavours including Tim’s fave the French roast (bold), my fave Colombian and also a great decaf. You can get it at most grocery stores but the best deal I’ve found on it is at Meijer where you get the whopping great big bag for the same price as other stores. Most of the time you can even find coupons laying around for it.

Now that they give you money back on it, it’s definitely worth a shot if you haven’t tried it. Register now and then tell a friend and you’ll immediately earn 35 points per pal!

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