Great Causes

It’s been a busy week with my Mum in town but I just wanted to give an update on the Big Give that we had last week.
Thanks to all of you who turned out to give stuff, they were really happy to receive it and there was tons given!! It’s so fun being able to bless others with stuff we get for free!!

The house itself was hard to find but eventually Mum and I found it!

My dear dear friend, Lori, gave a ton of her stockpile! Keep piling it up, Lori!

Jenny, you rock! Yup we gave Menards stuff like screwdrivers, and cheap diapers from the Pampers/Huggies deals.

Just a couple of things:
They still need lots more and will take all kinds of donations including gently used women’s clothes, kids clothes and kids toys/swings etc.

They are located opposite Chase Bank just West of Burnham Avenue on Ridge Road.

Finally, my friend Jenny brought up a great point: She told me that she never thinks to buy stuff that they wouldn’t use like free J&J Buddies soaps or Menards freebies. Once I explained this concept she said she was gonna look for things she could grab for free that she could donate. I’ve heard this from a lot of other people. I know it was great to be able to give so much stuff that if I hadn’t of got for free, we couldn’t have afforded to give so I just wanted to encourage you to “Use your powers for good!!!!” Even if you don’t need it, why not consider donating it to something like PASS or to a local food bank. We will be doing another Big Give in a couple of months so please start stockpiling now!

Thanks again, everyone, including the person who dropped off the stuff before I found the house!!

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