Granny’s Deals: FREE Stuff For The Week

My frugality originally comes from My Granny. She had 6 sons and it was said that if she only had one raisin left in the house, she’d split it in two and make two cakes!!! I think Granny would have loved America for all the freebies so this is why this is titled after her.

PLEASE READ: If you’re new to signing up for freebies I would highly recommend getting a separate email for all the free stuff (and spammage!!) Read my other tips here.

1) Amazon has 5 FREE Star Wars Kindle ebooks for you.

2) If you’re not a member of Vocalpoint yet, you should be! It’s a P&G run thing and they’re always sending me vouchers for free food to try ahead of time. just a few weeks ago I got to try the new Philly Cooking Cream.

3) Go to the Target site and print out a $2 coupon for Ore-Idea Easy fries. Most stores have them for around $.99 so get 2 packs free.

4) When you sign up for the Kellogg’s newsletter you get $5 in coupons from them.

5) Receive tons of freebies from Vistaprint and just pay shipping. I can highly recommend them as it’s where I get all my business cards!

6) FREE Child Safety id kit from Gerber.

7) Free smart phone wipes from Dust-Off when you show them a piccie of your dirty phone.

8) Some Walmarts have Wilkinson disposable razors in the 4 pack for $0.97. Use the coupon to get them for free. It’s under “personal care”.

9) Follow Seattle’s Best on Twitter and then fill out this form to get a FREE sample of coffee from them.

10) FREE quart of Glidden Paint.

11) FREE Kid’s Craft at Lakeshore Learning May 21, 2011. This week it’s a Dance Streamer.

12) Don’t forget to check the Target Daily Deal. Always FREE shipping and some great deals.

If you check out the archive area under Granny’s Deals on the right of your screen you’re sure to find some “older” freebies which may not have expired!!

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